Competence Assurance Management

What is competency management?

Without competent employees, organisations are unable to function. ​

For that reason, it is important to have well-trained, experienced, competent and motivated employees who are fully committed to performing their tasks. ​

For every position, employees require specific competence – or in other words; qualities they need to perform their work correctly, efficiently and safely.

In most cases, the employees are already in possession of many required qualities, at the same time they need the possibility for further development. 

This is exactly what competency management is all about. 

Engaging in competency management allows companies to align business objectives with knowledge, understanding, performance, ability, experience and professional attitude of their employees.

“No matter how much experience you have, there’s always something new you can learn and room for improvement.”

― Roy T. Bennett


When developing their competencies further, employees will be able to perform their tasks even better, safer and more efficient, this will ultimately also benefit the company. ​

Furthermore, Competence Management allows you;

To prove companies' competencies towards authorities and customers

Be aligned with all the required standards and regulations

Structure your learning and training activities, OJT’s and checklists, Emergency response activities, procedures and safety critical requirements.

Link between human resources management and the overall strategic plan of an organization based on competence.​

Easy plan for roles, shifts, teams, departments, organisations and close all the competency gaps

What does our Competence Management System (CMS) do for you

Our system is Cloud-Based (SaaS) and have the below functionalities and more


Competency management framework​

A competency management framework with an in-depth structure which lists out the knowledge, performance, experience, skills, and professional attitude required to perform a job effectively. 

Each organization must have their competency framework which coincides with its organizational goals and objectives

Full Employee profile​

Performance, learning-, training- and assessment progress and history, 

Role, organization, shift, team, department, location

Competence requirements, standards, development plan

Competency Library​

Competencies, Competency Groups/TypesCompetency Roles and Role families, Competency Role mapping
Competency requirements per Competency Role with underlying criteria.
Safety criticality, Expiration, Reminders, Refresher, Rating elements and Levels

Learning resources


Equivalency tables for Training, OJT’s /Check lists, Courses, etc.; One is equivalent to another or several others including refreshers. 

Learning and Performance equivalencies, Refresher-, and Historical Equivalencies

Grace period and Exemptions ​

Different Grace periods and exemptions built on logics and individual requirements


Intuitive assessment forms allow for quick but thorough assessments.

Easy to understand assessment of knowledge, performance, experience, skills, and professional attitude

Interaction between employee and assessor/manager/Supervisor/SME directly on the assessment form.

Enable your employees and assessor to document competence with notes and attachments, per competency and underlaying requirements, or even per object

Integrations with course and training providers ​

Direct integration with course and training providers to visualise and access course- and training plan, take courses, track progress and registration of certificates.

No need for a Learning Management System if you do not already have it.

Integrations Learning Management Systems

Comprehensive integration with all learning management systems on the market

Workforce development program

Proactively improve employee development.

Support the corporate strategy and drive business outcomes by connecting learning training and development plans to strategic goals and performance

Find and suggest new development options with our Role Predictor

Gap Closure

Consolidated view of development actions based on competency gaps

See all your team's competence and gaps in one screen with our Team Matrix

Deep-dive into individual profiles to see their gaps, partial proficiency completion, and all the resources available to close these gaps

Plan Workforce

Make the right hiring decisions or plan your workforce with the right data. With direct insight into your workforce’s skills, knowledge, experience, performance and attitude, you have a complete understanding of your talent distribution and have a full overview of the talent pool’s supply and demand within your organization.

Align employees with the right team, shift or department based on competence requirements, ensuring gap closure, and complete coverage for each job now and in the future

Talent Management

Use the Talent Finder to search for people who hold key competencies or requirements for specific roles

Keep track of your talents with competency tracking

Define organization-wide proficiency targets and prioritize your development initiatives with a clear baseline understanding of your team’s competence, keeping their safety critical competence in mind.

CV’s and Digital Resumes

Full CV with with current and historical Competencies, Training, Courses, Roles, mm.

Analytics and Reports

Easy to understand dashboard analytics with filtering and printout possibilities.

Over 35 different customised reports 

Assessor matrix

Users relation: Manager/Supervisor - SME - Peer 

Automatic set-up (smart logic) to define assessor based on their relative location and competency profile.

Subcontractor Management

Gain visibility into your subcontractor competence, supporting your comprehensive competency assurance. 

As more and more work is being outsourced, this becomes very important.

Mobile App 

With offline assessment and direct update when online access.