NorComp is a Workforce-, Competence- and Learning Management Solution company, SAP services specialist and Virtual Reality training provider.

We have more than 35 years’ experience in the industry such as: Oil & Gas, Shipping, Health Care, Renewable, Mechanical - Instrumental and Electrical, Transport, Service Provider and Fishing.

NorComp have helped everything from small companies to very big organisations worldwide with their Workforce Solution, Competence Management, Learning Management and SAP SuccsessFactors Services.

We have also included Virtual reality in the portfolio as part of the continuous development.

NorComp can help you

Planning and Managing the Workforce

Create Competence Assurance Management and Learning Management

Implementing Competence Management System (CMS) and Learning Management System (LMS).

Developing Virtual Reality (VR) training and learning programs

NorComp can provide with personnel for Administration of your company’s Competence Assurance Management and Learning Management, independent of the system you have.


NorComp can easily and affordably structure your Competence- and Learning Management via an easy to understand Cloud Based platform accessible for all your employees, management, customers and authorities with defined security access for each group.

NorComp can develop your VR training courses
​. We can also provide with VR platform for your own VR training courses or program

Having an experienced partner, is the key to success .

Let us help you with SAP SuccessFactors Services