Virtual Reality Training

We create highly dynamic and flexible VR programme, challenging trainees to solve the problem using their existing knowledge and skills with no instructions or advance warnings, just like a real-world scenario although in a safe environment.

Realistic sounds and hi-res visuals create the intensity of a real-life situation.

Managers and or assessors can either join users inside the VR experience or online from anywhere in the world and can control the whole experience. They can, for instance, trigger safety critical situations at any time, resulting in a dynamic and variable simulation.

What this means:

  • Higher throughput of trainees​
  • High-risk scenarios recreated in a safe environment
  • Ability to recreate training scenarios consistently​
  • Cost-savings for the companies: No instructors, no travelling cost, no physical classrooms
  • Objective and auditable data capture​
  • Simple hardware and cloud-based content distribution built on our enterprise platform makes it easy to scale​
  • Directly integrated in your Competence Management System

Creation of VR Content​

If you need help creating VR content for your organisation at any stage, we have all the expertise you need to design, build and implement world-class VR solutions that make a difference. 

Here’s how we can help you:

Defining your content requirements​

Our passion for VR and the opportunity it offers for solving business challenges goes right through our multi-skilled team, from 3D designers, developers, UX to project managers, everyone has the same outlook. This passion, coupled with our experience in the learning & development sector, enables our expert team to work with you to research and recommend the most effective use of VR training for your organisation.

Creating the content

Once we’ve agreed on an outline strategy, we will work with you to define and agree the best process for 

the creation of the VR content. Various options are available:

  • You work directly with us to create the content
  • You use an external agency or internal resource to create the content
  • You supply us with existing content which we then optimise for use on our platform

Maximising the value and impact of your content​

It’s important for you to be able to gain maximum value and impact from your content, 

our Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP) enables this ;

  • Firstly by enabling your content to be scaled across your organization
  • Secondly by enabling that content to be integrated into your existing systems (e.g. an LMS)
  • Lastly by enabling you to measure the impact of that VR training on your employees and enterprise

Virtual Enterprise Platform ​

Virtual Enterprise Platform helps enterprises create and embed VR training throughout the organisationTransforming the way your employees explore, interact and learn.

Here’s how we can help you:

Fast, cost-effect content

With our Software Development Kit (SDK), your in-house teams can create VR environments and content quickly and efficiently. And because you own everything you create, you’re free to evolve it to suit your changing needs.

Secure global deployment

When your content is ready, you can easily roll out your latest VR training programme worldwide directly from the platform. 

To ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible, you can use an array of useful, intuitive features such as role-based access control, audit logs, content libraries, organisational groups and permissions. You can also specify which content you want visible online and offline

A range of delivery options

Scale your training appropriately for whoever needs it, wherever they are, without the associated costs. 

Single or multi-user modes enable up to 20 people to join a training session from anywhere in the world, 

either using a VR headset or via a normal web browser, with easy access via a shared URL.

Customisable reporting

Gain deeper, data-driven insights into how your training sessions are performing. 

With 30 data points a second collected in a session for each user, this enables detailed 

reporting via a bespoke dashboard or direct data feed to existing systems.

Enterprise system integration

Your organisation’s existing systems don’t need to be a barrier. Using xAPI, our platform 

can be integrated into your existing platforms, like an LMS. 

It’s also possible to implement Single Sign-On (SSO)